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In memory of Walter Murray Chiesa
En memoria de Don Water Murray Chiesa
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Adios Don Ricardo Alegría - Farewell to Don Ricardo Alegría
aymaco taino tribe
Smoke signal - Taina grandmother
Taino cyer culture center
consejo general de tainos de boriquen
Lita Wari Warixi Guamo Enrique cardenas musica taina y mas
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My prayers and blessings go out to all our Warriors faced with the responsibility of defending our nation in these troubled times. Take a moment of your busy schedule and light a candle and send out your prayers, that they all come home safe and sound . May Atabey cuddle you all in her arms while you sleep and Yocahu stand by you with his shield of protection and keep you safe from all harm .

Taíno Ti

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Enrique Cardenas - Coqui From Batey-Cemí-Yocahu

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