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I am Carmen Yuisa Baguanamey Colon Delgado,
 I am hereditary chief of the Taino Turabo Tribe of Caguas Puerto Rico from the line of Chief Caguax, who is the brother of my grandpa Baguanamey; I am also great-granddaughter of Jose Dolores Delgado Rojas, the owner of the Delgado Royal Grant.  The Delgado royal grant, the largest grant ever given to anyone by the King of Spain was our ancient territorial tribal land; for the Delgado clan of the Turabo River Valley are the descendants of the two Taino Arawak Chiefs who ruled this ancient territory, prior to the colonizer's arrival.  We are mestizo because in those days the Catholic priests were in favor of marrying off the daughters of Taino Chiefs to the second sons of Spaniards to avoid blood shed.  In all reality, what this did for them was obtain large tracks of land from the Natives and free labor.  I have included here an attachment of a document.  The same is a translation completed by myself from the Spanish language of a write up done by our Caguas town historian on my grandfather Caguax, the brother of my grandpa Baguanamey; both our national heroes.  They fought valiantly in the Indian wars of 1511 and 1519.

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