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I am Lita Cochran ...back in the time, many of us were sent to live with our relatives, in the states at a early age....having said this, i was one of those who eventlually wound up in Corpus Christi, Tx at the request of a family which was determined to deni me my identity...after being guided and rediscovering my roots during my life. imagine my great joy in learning about my Taino Herritage....thru no small effort i have come in contact with many of our Taino brothers and sisters...especially Kacike Koki and Nijaiba, who have always been there for me and Jo Jo and Frances Perez, who went out of his way for us to meet, a special acknowledgement to our Taino Brother Al, who is head singer and drummer for Otter Trail singers and is married to a beautiful Kiowa woman and precious Taino/Kiowa son, Kacike Guanikeyu, from the Jatibonicu Tribe, known Elder Nanike, from Boriken, Kacike Baguanamey, our much beloved Abuela ShaShira in Boriken, Kacike Cibanakan, Roberto Mucaro Borrero and Roger from the UCTP, renouned archeologist/ Professor, Dr. Alegria, the well known author of "The Indian Chronicles"; Jose Barreiro  and the most generous Jorge Perez, from The Museum of the American ever brief my contacts may have been (wheather by mail or phone or in person), it has been a great honor and privilage for me that these beautiful  people have taken the time to share their knowledge of our Taino Ancestors of which thru their tirelss dedication has guided and enlightened me of my roots..,the others of you whom were very supportive of Taino's Kacike House Cultural CTR...For this i wish to express my humble gratitude....Bo Matumn and peace and blesings to you and yours always....

 Since 1994, This Taina has been working hard to  let all who listen, see, iquire, about Our beautiful Taino culture...supported by my Cherokee/Scotts-Irish husband, we have traveled to many Pow-wows in Texas and New has been a rewarding journey of  which i can humbly say that The Great Spirit has allowed me to other could have shown me this path to be educated and guided by all the great people of many Nations whom i've come to know and cherish...JAN JAN KATU

                          Bo Matumn Yaya BaBa Turey Toca

My name is WARI WARIXI GUAMO, and i was born in Guayama Boriken the first village of our people when the ancestors entered the " Great Center Island of  Red Earth People".

it is an honor to be able to share these pictures taken at different gatherings where my husand and i met many of our American Indian Brothers and sisters.  It has been our privalige to share our Precious Taino Ceremony at many of these events....Our Cherokee, Aztec, and Dinne Brothers and Sisters have been the most accepting of our Taino Culture  Our Cherokee Brothers and Sisters have shown great respect towards our Precious Taino Ceremony as it is believed the Cherokee People migrated from South America and who also have similar ceremony with the Sacred Guamo........hope you enjoy

                                      "  TAINO-TI  "